This Ford came to me stripped of most of its chrome. I'll remove the side trim. This car is in pretty good shape. It has a litte rust in the quarter panels and bed but the body is straight.
This pic shows the left rear qt. panel.I'll cut out the rust,treat the back and inner panel with rust inhibiter and will make my patch panels to weld in.
The right qt. panel had rust along the whole wheel opening.
In this pic I have the rust all welded up and ready to finish.
I ended up stripping the whole car, when you do that you find all the old body work. After the body work is done I will treat the body with a metal etch, epoxy prime, then put a urethane primer on top of that..
These pics show the major body work done, just the top quarters need work. The lower pic the bodys done and the interior's painted. All thats left is sanding with 400 grit and paint.
The owner will put the rest of the trim on. As soon as it leaves my shop it will go to the upholstery shop.
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