Go Back Jack
71 porsche 911, I painted this alpine white with platinum and blue pearl.It was a cloudy day when I took this pic so you can't see how good it looks.
I think this maverick had a 4 spd. It was the grabber model, rather sporty don't ya think?
Tate Vette, a long time friend. I worked for Bob in the late 80's trying to get out of body work, I didn't succeed. I stripped this and cleared it, color sanded and cleared again . I fixed the front end 3 times, he always hit something on the freeway.
This was a cheepee paint job I did for a friend, It looked good from a distance, "a 50 footer".
I put a front clip on this 914. It was a fun car to drive, I just bought it to fix and sell.
I had to strip this one, that's alot of work with a corvette. You need to be careful with the fiberglass. I did this in california back in 86. I used p.p.g.'s Deltron clear over acrylic enamel.
This early 70's vette I used acrylic enamel and buffed it out.It had a hard top to it.I painted this in 92 or 93.
Camaro painted black.
I shaved the hood on this 914 and put the headlights in the bumper.It was wrecked in the front and I didnt have the money for parts.