This page will show how I install a windshield or back glass when using Butyl Tape. This will be the same with any car that uses Butyl Tape. We sell most of the supplies needed for this installation. Hope this info is useful.
First step is to remove you W/S mouldings using this handy Moulding Release Tool
When you catch the molding clip and it releases the moulding gently lift the moulding and slide the tool to the next clip, Repeat all around the Glass . Below shows how the tool will catch the clip to release the Moulding.
This cut out knife works good if your Windshield is damaged and you'll be putting a new one in.
Hold the tool with one hand , keep the blade parallel with the W/S otherwise you'll crack it ( thats why you shouldn't use this tool if you plan to re-use your Windshield) Then take the handle and pull like Hell.
A few Tools for the job.
Cut out wire is much better to use if you haven't done this often. You'll have more control but you need to have a helper. I do this alot so I have handles made for the wire but you can use Vise Grips instead.
Poke the wire thru using the wire or knife making sure you don't hit the windshield.
Pull the wire and saw back and forth while keeplng it away from the glass. You'll have to work with your helper to get the right motion. Going around the corners is a little tricky just keep away from the glass and paint on the car.
The bottom and top should go quick.
Windshield is out with no damage , now its time to clean the pinch weld.
Go slow when pulling out the glass, on a hot day the buytl can get sticky. Push up on one corner ( making sure its free ) go across the top pushing out then when the top is free pull the glass  up and out.