This was done 12/19/75,my 1st paint job. Until then I would have a place called Carcoa paint them for $50 (I think?).
I met my Wife in this car. It was july 5, 1974. I got rid of the car, still have the Wife.
That's my nephew,kelly. He's a little bigger and a little older.
Me and my friend Doug bought this together to sell. I took the louvered hood off and put it on my 46 coupe.That's Doug wearing the sombrero (a broad rim hat usually made of felt, worn in spain, mexico the southwestern US.)
My friends Mom was hitting this with a hammer because she wanted it out of her yard. I bought it real cheap. I wish I had it now.
A 54 chevy , loud pipes , small tires ,lowered and primered.
A younger yours truley with his 57 Ranchero. The key was a screw driver that also shifted  the 4 spd trans.
Thats all my "JUNK". The neighbors loved me , my "JUNK" and the noise my "JUNK" produced.
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