This page will show how I change Hinge Pins which we sell for most GM cars and trucks. Its pretty easy and you can do it with just a few tools.
I needed to replace the hinge pins on my 70 Chevelle so I could get my door aligned properly to do the body work. You can tell if they are loose by picking up  the lower rear door  and seeing if it will move up and down.
Start by putting a floor jack under the door to hold it up while you remove the hinge bolts at the door.
With the door off you can remove the Pins
A punch ( you could use a screwdriver) to get the pin started, then I use Vise Grips to clamp above the head and pound out.
Worn out bushings.
Remove the bushings
The holes for the bushing were OK so I could use the original size and not the oversized bushings. Make sure you these go in straight and all the way down.
Now its just a little grease and line up the pin being care to line it up at the bottem bushing before you pound too hard.
The next page will do the Lower Hinge
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Lower Hinge